Summa Meditation

Summa Meditation exercises

Summa meditation is extremely easy to learn and has the most outstanding ability to help you overcome so many of the problems afflicting us as humans; physical, emotional, and even spiritual problems. That’s spiritual in the not-religious sense.

Summa meditation at even at a superficial level is a wonderful relaxation technique that brings calmness to the most stressed of individuals.

Unlike many eastern meditations, the basics of Summa meditation can be understood and learned in only a few short hours by most people.

Many traditional meditators might claim that meditation is not something you do, but more something you experience when your mind is doing nothing.  Summa meditation is somewhat different to that.

With Summa meditation, there’s a brief technique that you learn, from which the state of Summa meditation emerges.

Immediately upon entering Summa meditation, you become aware of a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. By doing nothing more than remaining still the depth of Summa meditation continues increasing. Furthermore, the longer you remain still the deeper you relax.

Most people, by following a simple metal exercise once in Summa meditation, can obtain such a profound depth of physical, mental, and emotional relaxation that I believe it to be the true basement of relaxation.

Like many things in life, words fail to describe the full depth of what our senses tell us. Nevertheless, I’m writing this article so you can get some understanding of Summa meditation, so I’ll describe its relaxing aspects the best I can.

Clench your hands into fists the hardest you can, and when you can’t clench them any tighter, squeeze them even more! Feel the tendons in your hands and the muscles in your arms so tense and tight that they are screaming to be released. Imagine it like a severe cramp, and let’s call that the height of tension.

Now imagine your hands in the complete opposite situation. Imagine your hands so relaxed that they just can relax anymore. Imagine the tendons in your hands, all the muscle in your arms, and every fiber and cell of your hands and arms totally, fully, and completely relaxed. Imagine your hands so relaxed that the just can’t relax anymore.

Imagine the most wonderful of feelings of relaxation in your hands. This is the basement of relaxation. At least the best it can be described. The true basement of relaxation is still much deeper than that, but words simply fail.

What’s more, this basement of relaxation is so calming and peaceful some severe anxiety suffers remain in the state for many hours while neglecting other duties, due to the absolute tranquility they experience. I must point out, that their desire to remain in this deepest of deep states is a fully conscious decision and not due to being unaware or sleep.

This basement of relaxation is so deep, so profound, that the physical body is unable to feel any pain. Not only constant pain that a person might be suffering, but also any severe pain inflicted on the body by an outside force. For example, a person in Summa meditation could undergo deep abdominal surgery and feel nothing.

Furthermore, bleeding during an operation from surgical cutting is greatly reduced, and, recovery time back to full health is also dramatically reduced

Summa meditation is a wonderful and very practical approach to natural childbirth. First, the mother feels no pain, only a sense of pressure while she’s delivering. Secondly, because she feels no pain she doesn’t tense up, therefore each contraction pushes the baby further out. This makes the birthing experience short and easy.

What’s more, because the mother is fully alert and awake during the birth she can remember the entire experience.

Another unusual situation of deep Summa meditation is the meditator is unable to move any of their muscles. This only occurs at the deepest level of Summa meditation. Therefore, if or when, they want to move they must first come way for the basement of relaxation. I will point out that the meditator is not unconscious or asleep, merely in a uniquely relaxed state.

While summa meditation is an amazing state of self-awareness that allows healing to occur naturally, one of its most unusual aspects is the muscles of the body develop a perfect state of equilibrium.

Although the Summa meditator while in the deepest state is unable to move their muscles, their limbs, a person on the outside can move any of the meditator’s limbs with virtually no effort. It feels as if the limbs are counter-balanced.

By a person on the outside, the meditators limbs can be placed in any position, including unnatural positions, and the limbs will remain there for hours without causing any fatigue or discomfort.

If this seems strange, it’s a phenomenon that I believe only Summa meditation can accomplish. What’s more, as far as I can obtain, there’s no medical explanation for this. Perhaps because it’s such a rare state that it’s basically unheard of outside of the Summa meditators circle and has therefore never received any studying.



But that’s only part of the story.