Steven Luzern – About Me

Steven Luzern - Hypnotist

I’m a hypnoanalyst with over 27 years of experience and it’s been close to 45 years since I first started hypnotizing people. Before semi-retiring my last private practice was in Harley Street, London – the UK’s renowned and premier center for health treatment dating back to the early 1800’s.

Steven Luzern - TowerNo longer do I carry letters of accreditation after my name and this is for 2 main reasons.

1. I acquired my hypnosis qualification over 27 years ago from the UK’s largest hypnosis training institute. Yet I now find myself so far removed from the knowledge I acquired then, that to still carry their accreditation would be misleading.

2. Most hypnotherapy professional letters of accreditation refer to association memberships. In years past I have belonged to 3 associations which, when attached to my original qualification, gave me 4 letters of accreditation groups.  I gave up renewing my association memberships predominantly as I found myself differing in opining to these associations.

My approach to hypnosis is different from those being used by the majority of hypnotherapists. During my inductions, I never ask subjects to imagine a relaxing place such as a beach or country scene. My approach to the hypnotic induction is one of speed, but not instant inductions – as I consider these to be against the rapport necessary for deep analysis. On face to face sessions, it’s no good taking longer than 3 minutes to obtain deep hypnosis known as somnambulism, because while hypnosis is an important part of hypnotherapy the longer it takes to hypnotize somebody the less time there is available for therapy.

Now that I’m retired from private practice, I keep this website going so I’m still able to help my fellow man.

If that comes across as a little pompous or even self-important, it certainly isn’t meant that way. If we can help each other as we travel through this life experience how much better is that then spending billions on going to war and killing each other.

Just imagine the paradise we would have here on planet earth if we were to manifest the lyrics to John Lennon’s ‘Imagine.’ 

I know I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I believe in a lot of things I can’t prove.


I do my best not to be a critical person. I focus on the positive and avoid the negative. Nevertheless, after say this, I recently came across a comment by Michael Watson – International Trainer of NLP. I found so much resonance with this statement of his that I felt almost compelled to reproduce it. So I have, below.

“I am an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer (US and UK) with a 30-year history in the field, and quite frankly, when I look around the ‘academic and professional hypnosis community’, I see more bullshit than substance.”