Relaxation Techniques to Put the Fun Back into Your Life.

Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques for Stress ReductionThere are many relaxation techniques devised to help you unwind, relax and distress.  But few of them would be of any real benefit if you actually tried them. Yet, despite this, these low-quality relaxation techniques are still taught by many doctors, stress consultants, and worse still, relaxation therapists.

The methods used by the majority of people to relax are as effective as shooting the tyres out on a car to stop it, when all they need to do, is take their foot off the accelerator and apply gentle pressure to the brake.

That being said, I want to show you some unique deep relaxation techniques you can use to change your life forever. Yes! I know that’s a big claim. Yet give me a couple of minutes of your time, and I’ll prove to you how simple it can be to start creating a peaceful, loving and joyful world around you, in which remaining relaxed is your normal state of being.

Some of these techniques have taken me years to discover because they very rarely wrote down and only passed verbally from master to student.


Most people sleepwalk their way into stressful lives and then discover they’re unable to wake up from their nightmare!

The best thing is, you already have within you all the skills and capabilities you need to develop this perfect world that I’m talking about. What’s more, this perfect world is not some ideal place I have in my mind. It’s far better than that. The relaxation techniques you’ll discover on this website will reveal to you the perfect peaceful, loving, and joyful world that you already have in your mind.

Relaxation TechniquesLet me first make one thing clear. If you’re looking for a simple technique to help you de-stress a little, so you can continue stumbling through life, you need to download the FREE Relaxation Mp3 on the website titled, Coffee Break Meditation – Click Here.

But don’t stop there, because you’ll be missing the full wonder that you’re capable of discovering within yourself. Unlocking that full wonder that dwells within you is what this website is really all about.

When I started this website my aim was not simply to list and describe to you a collection of relaxation techniques that will help you to distress a little, or even a lot. My aim was, and still is, to show you a pathway to a peaceful, loving, and joyful life. A life free from feelings of stress, tension, and anxiety.

Zen RelaxationBe for we go any further. He’s a simple Zen joke that most probably outlines much of your life situation which is generating most of you stress in life.

A Zen student said, “My teacher is the best. He can go weeks without eating.”

The second student said, “My teacher has so much self-control, he can go days without sleeping.”

The third said, “My teacher is so wise that he eats when he’s hungry and sleeps when he’s tired.”

Just in case you’re developing the wrong idea about the relaxation techniques on this website. Let me make one point clear. I not going to tell you to empty your bank account. Relinquish all your prize possessions. Or go and seek out a Zen master, a Guru or a Buddhist teacher.


Relaxation Techniques for Specific Problems.

Relaxation Techniques for Sleep.
Sleeping is as important to sustaining life as food and water. To be healthy and get the most out of life you need at least 8 hours sleep each night. Sleep allows your mind and body to dissolve the tensions of the previous day and recharge your mind-body system for the coming day’s events. Unfortunately, sleep can be disturbed by many things. Even a lifelong deep sleeper can turn into an insomniac in the course of a single day.
Relaxation Techniques for Sleep – Read More.


Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety.
Free floating anxiety and even panic attacks can be reduced enormously by learning a good relaxation technique. The problem is, not all methods of relaxing produce the same results. This is why some, in fact many, anxiety suffers say learning to relax has not helped them at all. Discover a method of relaxing designed to target anxiety directly will bring wonderful changes to your life.
Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety – Read More.


Relaxation Techniques for Stress.
Everyone suffers from tension. It’s part of daily living. You can avoid some tensions but not all of them. Stress occurs when your daily tensions boil over and reach the subconscious. The difference between tension and stress is mostly one of consciousness. Tensions reside in your conscious mind and can therefore be dealt with. Stresses reside in your subconscious mind and you therefore have no control over them and need some form of therapeutic intervention.
Relaxation Techniques for Stress – Read more.


Relaxation Techniques for Depression.
Depression is caused by an unpleasant repressed emotional event. I know you can read about the chemical imbalances that can occur which result in stress, but at the root cause of all stress, you will find unpleasant stressful events. Furthermore, it’s not unknown for stress to be due to a number of repressed events that have accumulated over the course of an individual’s life and ‘one more straw brakes the camels back.’
Relaxation Techniques for depressionRead More.


Relaxation Techniques for Healing.
Relaxation techniques for healing are often overlooked in spite of unconsciously knowing that healing accelerates in a relaxed person. A mind-body system that is stressed or simply holding on to tensions will cause any form of healing to be retarded. When a mind-body system wants to heal, it needs all available energy to process the healing and this is obtained by not wasting energy on unnecessary movements such as working or even just walking. Of course with spiritual energy being unlimited instantaneous healing is available for instant healing, regardless of the illness.
Relaxation Techniques for Healing.


Relaxation Techniques for Hypertension.
Relaxation techniques for hypertension can sometimes restore a person’s blood pressure down to a level suitable for their age. But not all relaxation techniques are the same. Most methods of relaxation will cause a person’s blood pressure to lower slightly, however, some techniques will cause the true underlying force of a suffer’s hypertension to dissolve completely. So it’s extremely important to understand the different relaxation techniques so you choose the best one to reduce hypertension.
Relaxation Techniques for Hypertension – Read More.


Relaxation Guidance

Clear your clutter and focus your mind.

Be bold, be strong, and mighty forces will come to your aid.

Like air, you don’t notice stress because it’s always there.